About Us

28.11.15 Devansh Negi 0 Comments

Hi and welcome you all to Wirtal, this at it core seems like any another website claiming to be a site with some substance, but I am willing to vouch for a fact that this is one unique website to reckon. Wirtal as an acronym stands for 'What I Really Think About Life' and as it seems to mean, is a digital podium to your views, thoughts and ideas but giving it their own words and presentation on a medium most understood by today's world. This is an idea well thought for almost a year and a half until finally executed to its most raw and imperfections as it now seems it should and has been.

As far as I am concern, well it seems a brief introduction would seem an injustice to the general readers coming to this website. In its most brief stance, I can say that this is an act of bringing out the truest form of my thoughts and views about life as we see it. At the very core I am an idealist in denial, cause experiencing the life that had to offer, I overturned myself to be more of a realist than ever. I could be very much ranting pessimist of some sort as it seems almost impossible to glare at the gleaming shimmering shine of hope around this hour of darkness, but I still yearn for hope and possibility. As there are often moments of me being a romantic of life in some sorts, I can very be seen professing my deeper and a much profound love for life as we see. But that's the way I am.

In the most shortest means of explaining myself, I would like to say that this blog would talk about anything and everything about life as we know it, from the eyes of those who have seen the real wonders of life, to those who have survived the deadly grapple of life as a journey through sorrow and unhappiness. But in all its form, life will always surprise you in its any form. The very thought of 7 billion people living on this planet leading 7 billion different forms of life makes one feel complete and yet incomplete at the same. In short this blog would celebrate life happiness and sorrow.