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28.11.15 Devansh Negi 0 Comments

When anyone writes his first blog post, it's crazy because 'the first' to me is so essential and crucial, it's like the first kiss you ever had, first day that went bad, first car you ever bought, first ball you ever caught, first job you could ever get, first special someone in the lot, first tweet you ever made, first break up you let it fade, first song you ever heard, first time you ever watched a chirping bird, first time you stepped on stage, first time ever went rage, and so on. Basically in life we all get so many opportunities to have our firsts and each is worth treasuring.

Hence, after many attempts I have finally come up to this final piece of the introductory post for my blog which took me about 20 different drafts in about 2 months or so, thus do bear with me. Let's take it simple, so for starters this is a blog like any other blog but not exactly like any other blog, if you can get this then I am sure you can stay along with my writing style. At the beginning I had many ideas for the first blog, like a song, a rap, info-graphics, a slideshow, a YouTube video etc. and finally I thought of writing in three basic questions so that people can get a better understanding of the blog. So here we go and if in case you guys have any query or doubts, then you may comment below the post.

What is Wirtal?
Wirtal stands for What I Really Think about Life. Wirtal is a blog started with the only goal concept of making the whole writing and reading process more appealing while sending across the most genuine, real, true, unbiased, raw, crazy, creative, imaginative (sorry, I am big on using too many adjectives) ideas and thoughts across. Clearly I am not a professional writer/blogger nor do I have any prior experience in blogging, but I hope to do it right. And if you wish to help along in achieving the endeavor or you wish to showcase your writing skills, you may send me your writes up on devansh.negi@wirtal.in

Who am I?
I am just a regular guy with big dreams, other than that I am Devansh Negi (what is in a name?), currently located at Pune, India (lived almost 10 years or more, can't believe it's that long). I am 27 years old digital marketer (seems like touching 30, but never felt so alive) and I have worked for almost 3 to 4 years since I finished my MBA (best time ever, you know recession, switching jobs, getting dumped etc). Currently, I am freelancing in the digital marketing (often do it for charity as many ex-clients haven't yet paid me my dues) while in the initial stages of starting up some companies along with my colleagues and friends while I dream to get a stable job in some college as a lecturer or a guest lecturer. I am an avid gamer (big time DotA 2 fan), a passionate movie watcher (mostly action and comedy), obsessive music listener (I am the guy who can play one song on loop for hours, so watch out guys), somewhat tech geek (I am a geek, not an encyclopedia), a rebellious military brat (that's kind of self-explanatory), a freeloader (only sitcom torrents, I am cheap, but I still have principles), a voracious net surfer (anything or everything on net), with an insatiable appetite for creativity.

What to expect in the near future?
Somewhat fun topics like gadgets, tech, music, gaming, movies, web stuffs, cool/weird/awesome stuffs etc. but I may also drool on world issues, politics, NGO stuff and all (you know usual rant stuff), but mostly the theme would be fun and entertaining (does not mean entertainment it's kind of a turn off writing about celeb gossips). I was trying to get other writers on board but since most of them work for news related companies (apparently they have a clause that doesn't allow them to write for others) thus I ended up having no one (stupid news station getting scared of blogging). So, I am looking for people who are interested in writing on fashion (I am the worst guy to write on fashion), health/fitness (of course someone who practices what he preaches), travel (if you are planning a long tour, that would be awesome) etc. Overall that's the gist of how the blog wishes to go ahead. Hope you enjoy and stay along for many more future endeavors.