Are We The Most Evolved Species on Earth

28.11.15 Devansh Negi 0 Comments

Just by reading the title of the post, many of you would have assumed that we, of course, are the most intelligent species on the planet and the author is stupid enough to waste another web space to write something pointless which we all know. But it's not that true I am not stupid (at least that's what I think so), my intent is to ask if Darwin theory or evolution is still at its play for mankind and are we really an evolved species or one which is highly adaptable.

Adaptable or Evolved
Some of you may confuse yourself thinking that it's one and the same thing, but I think it's not, to evolve organically is to develop some kind of mutation in species in order to adapt to the ever changing and evolving nature. While adapting to surrounding is just getting along with the environment like an animal from wild in living in a zoo. I think that man did evolve but very long time ago and ever since then there is some kind of stagnation on his/her evolution and now we are just adapting to our very own created the world around us. Prehistorically an early man lived in caves which were still coexistent with nature and thus was in the spectrum of evolution while also developing adaptable skills and knowledge to become one of the most intelligent species. But ever since the transition from a tribal kind of set up to colonial to our modern lifestyle, we seem to have adapted to the changing surroundings around yet we didn't evolve.

We are getting Weak
Any evolution makes a particular species more survivable, stronger and more fierce, but it seems that the modern mankind is just too weak to our predecessors. To give you an example look at our feet we have become so used to wearing comfortable shoes that the moment we put our barefoot on the ground which is rugged, rocky or stony it gets painful. Our sense of hearing also seems to be getting equally worse day by day, when you read stories of Greek men hearing a marching platoon from miles away just by hearing the ground, seems a lot phony to today's world. Strength wise are predecessors were far stronger than us, they were involved in much heavy work related chores that they by default were strong while our current lifestyle doesn't rely on those amount of effort.

The Future
Thus, clearly we are not evolving to a better species, yet we are adaptable, in fact, we are getting worse so what’s there for us in future. If we try to go through the history of human evolution there is no denying that although at the very mental capacity we have might have evolved phenomenally by creating and utilizing tools for early hunting, to the gathering, to settling etc. But our very dependency on creating and using tools from spears, clubs to swords, bow & arrow to guns and modern weaponry and even mobile and computers has largely made us reliant and dependent on these tools than evolved. Many believe that in the near future we might come up to stage where tools and mankind would be almost conjoint in the form of maybe nanobots in human body taking care of our every ailment and health related issues to chips fitted to our brains to have the utmost and immediate intellectual prowess ever.

What needs to be done
We live in a world where people going to office and fancy looking meeting halls seem to be doing something great in life while we look down upon those who are doing physical labour, assuming that in the near future we may have technological replacements like robots working on physical tasks, we must all try to promote and even propagate doing some or the physical activity as feeble it may seem but in order to keep a strong and a healthy body. We must come to a common consensus on the grounds of technological dependency and should try to come up with events, treks, days and off days with or without technology like a digital hibernation so that one does not ever feel dependent on anything but him/herself.

While the future may seem bleak or vague from here, all depends on what we do from now.