10 Most Pointless Selfies

28.11.15 Devansh Negi 0 Comments

The social media has given us many things from getting constant access to friends and people to pointless content irrelevant and unimportant. One of the main sources of such garbage content is heavily driven by selfies which kind of pollutes your notifications and mailbox. While some selfies are genuine and do makes sense there are still some which are just pointless and lame.

1. Pet Selfies:
Selfie with your pet makes absolutely no point and if you look closely even your pet is least interested in getting clicked. But hats off to those who take all the time and effort to get that perfect click with their pet. Even in this league of selfies, there are those who are like the legends and instead of having the usual pets like cats and dog have like a lizard, snake or even rodents as pets.

2. Food Selfies:
Clearly everyone likes to have food so it was the obvious step for any selfie clicker to click some selfies with food. Yeah I get it that we eat food and we love food, but I am not sure that people are so obsessed with food. And of course, every food selfie is followed by random comments like 'yum yum' and 'wow feeling hungry now' etc. Clearly its only motive is to make everyone hungry and crave for the food, I find it almost near evil to make everyone jealous about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fun fact: Did you know that in some restaurants in US and France, clicking snaps of their food is not allowed as it tampers with their intellectual property rights (some guy has actually made efforts to have rights on his food display).

3. Gym Selfies:
While many love posting pictures of their healthy lifestyle endeavour and their current picture from before, there are those who seem to believe that it's their duty to post them every workout on a daily and that kind of gets annoying. I can stand before-after pictures but please don't post the whole workout regime every day, I mean no one really cares and those who do seem to be just one of your friendly creepy stalker.

4. Shirtless Selfies:
Coming next on the line of gym selfies are shirtless selfies, it's not that they don't have an exquisite body, but their every picture is shirtless, just to remind you how much of a loser you really are. I get it you have to showcase your effort and your amazing body, but dude please wear a shirt it's not okay all the time.

5. Club Selfies:
So you go to a club with a couple of your guy friends and you see this flock of girls roaming around in the club somewhat tipsy and just clicking around selfies with random shit around and all you can wonder what the hell is the world is coming down to. A club is messy, sweaty, loud, heavily crowded and even here there are people who have the audacity to click selfies. Fun fact: Statistics suggests that women who have recently had break up are prone to put up a huge bunch of club selfies on their profile just to tell the world that they are fine, sexy and available.

6. Yoga Selfies:
If you are someone who can do those twisting and turning kind of postures in yoga then I guess you might be one of those who doesn't hide back from showcasing your yoga skills. Thus, the origin of selfies now imagines the scenario where you are bent backward (literally) and manage to put some really crazy selfies. My point is that does it really needs such an effort to just put up a selfie, why to bother putting a selfie when you can produce your very own fitness video if you are that awesome, great and, of course, hot.

7. Group Selfies:
This is another pointless not needed kind of selfies which require quite a bit of crowd participation, imagine that people have gone for trekking, everyone is exhausted, tired and unable to bear fatigue. Out of nowhere there is some girl or guy who pulls everyone to get a group selfie. What's even more bothersome is when they post it on social media sites like facebook etc. You can't actually figure out who's who and even when you do it's heavily tagged.

8. Work Selfies:
How amazing would be your job that you have the energy and the time to click a work selfie, even the work environment must be so relaxed that with ease one is able to post their selfies online. Until and unless you are a DJ or a celebrity or something amazing should one post work selfies or else what's the point of putting pictures of you and your cubicle.

9. Scenery Selfies:
The scene behind is lovely and beautiful but wait there is the person who just literally photo bombed an amazing picture. I would suggest that at least post a couple of pictures without people on the scenery or else it loses its sheen and its beauty. It's like I love spaghetti, but its got shit on it.

10. Loo Selfies:
Last but not the least our selfies are taken in the loo, washroom, in the toilet, in the barroom, while taking a bath etc. What you do inside the loo I sincerely suggest that you keep it to yourself. No one is really interested in what you do or don't do inside the washroom.