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The Idiot Salesman - Kahani Ek Superman Ki Episode 1

The Idiot Salesman is a Web series started by a team of creatives living across Mumbai and Pune who call themselves PotshotsTv. The story, concept and the lead actor in this series is none other than multi talented Sambhaji Shivaji Sasane who has been very much active in theater, plays and Marathi movies for almost a decade. This is an opportunity to channelize his creative juices and writing skills to talk about issues and experiences which can happen with anyone. Lets dive into the first episode.

Mr. Rangeen Chawla decides to go for an Audition for a Serial named "Kahani Ek Superman Ki". Mr. Rangeen Chawla believes he has what it takes to be a Great Actor & a Superman too. Watch Mr. Rangeen Chawla's journey as he discovers himself in the city of dreams from his busy schedule as a Sales Executive for ATS Marketing.

Mr. Rangeen Chawla happens to be an Honest Overconfident salesman who believes that he is great at everything. He works for a sales firm in Mumbai. Join him on his journey as he tries his best to miss-sell products & also tries his hands at acting, broking and many other things. Join The Idiot Salesman.

Mr. Rangeen Chawla : Sambhaji Sasane
Camera (Voice Over) : Suhas Lakhan
Chaiwala : Suraj Pachange
Behenji : Honey Jain
Spot : Bharat / Ritesh / Durgesh
Created by : Avinash
Screenplay & Dialogues : are written by Avinash
Editor : Suyash Lakhan & Vinay Mohite
Cinematographer : Kaivalya Chincholikar
Production : Avinash / Swapnil Bedkute
Make Up : Maitreyee Thatte
Costume : Sarah
Executive Producer : Durgesh Mane, Ritesh Mane
Art Direction : Pravin Kapuskar
Stills : Kaivalya Chincholikar
Marketing : Ritesh Mane / Devansh Negi

Capitalism Finally Comes to India

There are more business owners per capita in the US than anywhere in this world which is, of course, expected to be one of the most capitalist countries. One of the reasons why there are so many successful business owners in the US is because they have set up well managed and regulated system and infrastructure such as easy business licensing, venture capitalist, business related community, government run consultation etc. The Big American dream transpired into their very own Silicon Valley and Detroit Automobile industry which is even popular at the global level.

On the contrary, India being a mixed economy and having hardly 65+ years of independence needed some time to allocate resources towards our basic needs, thus for a couple of decades we were promoting an agrarian kind of economy followed by a couple of decades in just developing an ecosystem for better industrialization. The IT boom came in the late 1980s which have since helped India become world's largest IT service exporter and finally we come to today which shows a commendable growth in the mobile related and e-commerce related industry. With well integrated net connectivity, growth in the number of mobile users and a rise in the number of online buyers there has been a huge boom in the start-ups both app based and e-commerce based.

Finally, it seems Capitalism has come down to India, looking at the huge amount of funding being seeded by Indian startups and Acquisition and Mergers happening in billions in Indian start-up. This could be a game changer as many more young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs may wish to join the bandwagon. What really needs to be answered now is that will Indian psyche evolve from being a career-oriented middle-class family to a risk-taking business developing individuals. There is an inherent pattern in the way Indians would take jobs from earlier preference to government jobs to doctors to engineers to corporate would it move to start-ups?

There are many taking the plunge leaving their plush jobs and experience to start something of their own. But it's still few in number and doesn't represent the real demographics. Most of these entrepreneurs are engineers and management executive who would have worked for at least half a decade or a decade, which only brings out those who are working towards the service industry and not another form of industries. India having an exceptional service industry even at a global level from IT, ITES, Advertising, Marketing, Hospitality, Healthcare to even Financial services becomes one of the most preferred industry for any start-up to enter. This has its pros and cons while Service industry blossoms and competition delivers better and quality services to its customer, having two many firms at play in the service industry would largely impact the profitability and revenue share for every other business as the size of the market remains the same.

Thus, India needs to take up extensive and rigorous initiatives to create a cohesive and cordial environment for start-ups and new businesses primarily in the manufacturing and other related industries. The recent Finance Minister's quotes on mandating laws and by-laws for 'ease of business' and having a completely new form of taxation policy for businesses like GST are while a welcome note for businesses, but what is most expected and required are creating more and more Government run Venture Capitalists who can pool in funds on start-ups to stimulate the economics at play.

As of now 7.3 billion dollars have been already invested in Indian Start-ups in the last three-quarters which while shows a positive and optimistic signs, but one has to read the line to get a clear understanding of the current situation. Firstly much of the funding is coming in the form of FDI and FII which is most welcomed but it has its implications such as equity shared by the start up with a foreign institute or entity. Secondly, much of this data revolves around those 'Start-Ups' which have been in business for past couple of years and it's their second or even third stage of raising capital. Lastly, much of these startups seem to be over funded with no accurate business value costing and India is in a stage of numerous start-ups coming out but with a very vague definition on the part of revenue model, this won't have any negative impact initially but many fear that the startup fad may fall badly like the IT bubble during the 90s when startups don't match the expectations.

Overall it seems to be exciting times for startups and business, happy business to all.

Are We The Most Evolved Species on Earth

Just by reading the title of the post, many of you would have assumed that we, of course, are the most intelligent species on the planet and the author is stupid enough to waste another web space to write something pointless which we all know. But it's not that true I am not stupid (at least that's what I think so), my intent is to ask if Darwin theory or evolution is still at its play for mankind and are we really an evolved species or one which is highly adaptable.

Adaptable or Evolved
Some of you may confuse yourself thinking that it's one and the same thing, but I think it's not, to evolve organically is to develop some kind of mutation in species in order to adapt to the ever changing and evolving nature. While adapting to surrounding is just getting along with the environment like an animal from wild in living in a zoo. I think that man did evolve but very long time ago and ever since then there is some kind of stagnation on his/her evolution and now we are just adapting to our very own created the world around us. Prehistorically an early man lived in caves which were still coexistent with nature and thus was in the spectrum of evolution while also developing adaptable skills and knowledge to become one of the most intelligent species. But ever since the transition from a tribal kind of set up to colonial to our modern lifestyle, we seem to have adapted to the changing surroundings around yet we didn't evolve.

We are getting Weak
Any evolution makes a particular species more survivable, stronger and more fierce, but it seems that the modern mankind is just too weak to our predecessors. To give you an example look at our feet we have become so used to wearing comfortable shoes that the moment we put our barefoot on the ground which is rugged, rocky or stony it gets painful. Our sense of hearing also seems to be getting equally worse day by day, when you read stories of Greek men hearing a marching platoon from miles away just by hearing the ground, seems a lot phony to today's world. Strength wise are predecessors were far stronger than us, they were involved in much heavy work related chores that they by default were strong while our current lifestyle doesn't rely on those amount of effort.

The Future
Thus, clearly we are not evolving to a better species, yet we are adaptable, in fact, we are getting worse so what’s there for us in future. If we try to go through the history of human evolution there is no denying that although at the very mental capacity we have might have evolved phenomenally by creating and utilizing tools for early hunting, to the gathering, to settling etc. But our very dependency on creating and using tools from spears, clubs to swords, bow & arrow to guns and modern weaponry and even mobile and computers has largely made us reliant and dependent on these tools than evolved. Many believe that in the near future we might come up to stage where tools and mankind would be almost conjoint in the form of maybe nanobots in human body taking care of our every ailment and health related issues to chips fitted to our brains to have the utmost and immediate intellectual prowess ever.

What needs to be done
We live in a world where people going to office and fancy looking meeting halls seem to be doing something great in life while we look down upon those who are doing physical labour, assuming that in the near future we may have technological replacements like robots working on physical tasks, we must all try to promote and even propagate doing some or the physical activity as feeble it may seem but in order to keep a strong and a healthy body. We must come to a common consensus on the grounds of technological dependency and should try to come up with events, treks, days and off days with or without technology like a digital hibernation so that one does not ever feel dependent on anything but him/herself.

While the future may seem bleak or vague from here, all depends on what we do from now.

10 Important Essentials of Ecommerce

Assuming that such a sonic e-commerce boom in India is going to last for a while. Many would wish to start an e-commerce business and would wonder how to really start one. Well here are some key points that I found to be crucial in starting an eCommerce site. The business model may seem to be very tech-savvy but in actuality when it comes down to basics it’s like any other regular business but without brick and mortar. Here are the ten most important essentials in starting up and e-commerce business.

1. Plan/Strategy:
Whether its electronic items, gadgets, food items, recharge vouchers, travel related or apparels, there is a site for everything. So it’s very important that your business tries to distinguish itself from other counterparts in the form of its business plan or strategy. You can’t start selling everything or anything on the site (Flipkart started with books and then it expanded) at least not at its inception as it’s crucial for any business to develop its brand needs to have a theme around the business. Developing the budget plan or strategy also helps in finding out the estimate of the budget which can later help in understanding the need of funding. For e.g. there are thousands of sites selling graphic t-shirts, but there are the couple of sites which have found a way to differentiate themselves by either selling hand painted t-shirts or getting into organically grown and produced cotton t-shirts which are environmentally safer.

2. Product:
If you are the manufacturer of the product then, of course, product procurement comes out easily but in the case of those who tend to source their products, it’s essential that the amount of money incurred in procuring the product doesn’t exceed the estimated budget. One should also understand the need of product in the market; it’s crucial that one produces or procures those products which have a demand in the market. At the earliest its is important that there is a good line of quality check maintained in order to send up only the best quality product as any defect in the quality of the product would hamper the growth of the company at the earliest. There are many places online and offline where people can give you good or bad review, thus, can't be taken casually.

3. Warehousing/Vendor Management:
Traditionally warehousing is the way for conducting business, but if one calculates the expense incurred in warehousing and logistics of the business, the budget may have to be inflated a lot from collecting stock from vendors to logistically moving it to the warehouse base. Ideally, it’s crucial that one tries to cut cost as much as possible especially initially as a start-up and rely more on vendor management which is a far more effective mechanism in better product procurement. Yet the vendor management process should be efficient enough to have a good quality check on the product, product stock updates and orders should be completed at the earliest well coordinated with the vendors.

4. Logistics:
Whether local, national or even global, an e-commerce has the capacity to conduct all kinds of business, but it’s important that the logistics support the same. This is the key to e-commerce, after all, it’s the primary service that e-commerce stands upon, it's what any customer is willing to pay for. Whether it’s Flipkart, Amazon or even Snapdeal every one of the three has the best logistics in some way or the other. There are two ways of handling logistics either by developing one’s own logistic or shipping venture or outsourcing to the third party at the cheaper rate; ideally, it’s what every startup does cause it is more cost effective. Every online buyer wishes to get the product at the earliest it's fine if the product is delivered within five days, but anything ahead can raise customer complaints.

5. Budget/Funding:
To run any business funds its crucial weather its expenses on infrastructure, manpower, marketing, production, expansion etc. Funding is essential and most required for any business, thus a budget is required to come up with an ideal amount of funds that’s enough to run a business. Initially, the funds would go through one's pocket but in later stages of the business, the funding can be developed by getting either loan, finance from financiers or investors on equity. Once the company goes big one can even go for IPO, but that could take time. Companies like Flipkart or Snapdeal are running currently on the huge amount of investment that they have received from fellow investors.

6. Legal Issues:
There are many legal issues to comply with when starting up a business or even e-commerce, here are some of the few we have come across, Partnership Deed (If the business is started with partners), Shop Act (Its required for conducting any form of business), Firm Pan Card (different from individual Pan Card), Sales Tax No. (One can run without sales tax no. for a year), Export Import Code (if in case one is trying to go global you may try getting an export-import code).

7. Team:
It's one thing to be an all-rounder, but it’s another to have a team of experts in their own field. If you wish to build a good sustainable, surviving and a growing company one cannot do everything thus a company or e-commerce would require a team from someone handling the marketing, finance, manage vendors/productions, technology etc. Thus, it’s crucial that one tries to develop the best team of the best people available at the right price. Weather as a freelancer, employee, partner or even an intern it’s up to you to get the right kind of people at the right cost.

8. Market:
Now you have the products in your hand, the funds to invest, the team that’s working with all their will and vigour, but nothing is going to get you any sale or profit or turnover until you get your business to market. Marketing consists of everything right from products being produces to a larger scale to it being delivered to the end customer, and the journey between the two is nothing else but marketing. How one promotes and popularise the e-commerce and then convinces probable customers to buy the products is nothing else but marketing. Which in a case of e-commerce could take a huge amount of time, effort and investment? There are various forms of marketing channels available right from online activities like social media, PPC, SEO etc. to offline activities like exhibitions, events, pamphlet distribution etc.

9. Branding:
While marketing activities tend to be product and sales driven, it's crucial to conduct other forms of branding related activities in order to build up the trust of the people on the company as a whole. This is where one should try to make their company logo and other brand related creative content relevant and prominent in the eyes of the general public. To the extent that people, in general, should be able to distinguish you from others and can recognize you as an entity. Companies like Apple, Pepsi, McDonald etc. spends billions on branding and their brand value, but, of course, being a startup we don't have the luxury of splurging money here. The ideal way to go about it is to either collaborate with other relevant but non-competitor brands while emphasizing on online related branding activity which is cheaper, faster and has a huge probability of being viral.

10. Multiple Channel Sales:
Any business relies on two primary and basic rule that is to survive or to expand, otherwise, it's impossible for it to even exist. Thus, one must find other channels of sales either in the form of Customs services or bulk selling or even B2B which can help to get a continuous roll in.

10 Most Pointless Selfies

The social media has given us many things from getting constant access to friends and people to pointless content irrelevant and unimportant. One of the main sources of such garbage content is heavily driven by selfies which kind of pollutes your notifications and mailbox. While some selfies are genuine and do makes sense there are still some which are just pointless and lame.

1. Pet Selfies:
Selfie with your pet makes absolutely no point and if you look closely even your pet is least interested in getting clicked. But hats off to those who take all the time and effort to get that perfect click with their pet. Even in this league of selfies, there are those who are like the legends and instead of having the usual pets like cats and dog have like a lizard, snake or even rodents as pets.

2. Food Selfies:
Clearly everyone likes to have food so it was the obvious step for any selfie clicker to click some selfies with food. Yeah I get it that we eat food and we love food, but I am not sure that people are so obsessed with food. And of course, every food selfie is followed by random comments like 'yum yum' and 'wow feeling hungry now' etc. Clearly its only motive is to make everyone hungry and crave for the food, I find it almost near evil to make everyone jealous about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fun fact: Did you know that in some restaurants in US and France, clicking snaps of their food is not allowed as it tampers with their intellectual property rights (some guy has actually made efforts to have rights on his food display).

3. Gym Selfies:
While many love posting pictures of their healthy lifestyle endeavour and their current picture from before, there are those who seem to believe that it's their duty to post them every workout on a daily and that kind of gets annoying. I can stand before-after pictures but please don't post the whole workout regime every day, I mean no one really cares and those who do seem to be just one of your friendly creepy stalker.

4. Shirtless Selfies:
Coming next on the line of gym selfies are shirtless selfies, it's not that they don't have an exquisite body, but their every picture is shirtless, just to remind you how much of a loser you really are. I get it you have to showcase your effort and your amazing body, but dude please wear a shirt it's not okay all the time.

5. Club Selfies:
So you go to a club with a couple of your guy friends and you see this flock of girls roaming around in the club somewhat tipsy and just clicking around selfies with random shit around and all you can wonder what the hell is the world is coming down to. A club is messy, sweaty, loud, heavily crowded and even here there are people who have the audacity to click selfies. Fun fact: Statistics suggests that women who have recently had break up are prone to put up a huge bunch of club selfies on their profile just to tell the world that they are fine, sexy and available.

6. Yoga Selfies:
If you are someone who can do those twisting and turning kind of postures in yoga then I guess you might be one of those who doesn't hide back from showcasing your yoga skills. Thus, the origin of selfies now imagines the scenario where you are bent backward (literally) and manage to put some really crazy selfies. My point is that does it really needs such an effort to just put up a selfie, why to bother putting a selfie when you can produce your very own fitness video if you are that awesome, great and, of course, hot.

7. Group Selfies:
This is another pointless not needed kind of selfies which require quite a bit of crowd participation, imagine that people have gone for trekking, everyone is exhausted, tired and unable to bear fatigue. Out of nowhere there is some girl or guy who pulls everyone to get a group selfie. What's even more bothersome is when they post it on social media sites like facebook etc. You can't actually figure out who's who and even when you do it's heavily tagged.

8. Work Selfies:
How amazing would be your job that you have the energy and the time to click a work selfie, even the work environment must be so relaxed that with ease one is able to post their selfies online. Until and unless you are a DJ or a celebrity or something amazing should one post work selfies or else what's the point of putting pictures of you and your cubicle.

9. Scenery Selfies:
The scene behind is lovely and beautiful but wait there is the person who just literally photo bombed an amazing picture. I would suggest that at least post a couple of pictures without people on the scenery or else it loses its sheen and its beauty. It's like I love spaghetti, but its got shit on it.

10. Loo Selfies:
Last but not the least our selfies are taken in the loo, washroom, in the toilet, in the barroom, while taking a bath etc. What you do inside the loo I sincerely suggest that you keep it to yourself. No one is really interested in what you do or don't do inside the washroom.

10 Lessons Learnt Setting Up A Startup

1. Business is a cranky Baby:
The only people who have kids (I am not against kids, but it can be taxing having them around), would be able to get it when I say running a business is like nurturing a cranky baby which is so demanding and needy that there are days when it may suck the life out of you. It wants all the attention, paperwork, manpower, investment and everything else that you had in your life before you ever even thought of starting a business.

2. Healthy Support System is Essential:
Coming from an Indian perspective, it's not easy to convince family and even friends on why one is going for a Startup. Gone are the days when people would moonlight along with a stable job since every job that one can think of now days expect so much of work from you that one gets heavily exhausted enough to even get time for some leisure. And to make things even worse many companies even have a no moonlighting clause in their employment contract making it even more impossible. Thus its wholly and solely working on a startup which requires all the support that one can ever get.

3. Strategies Strategy to Strategy:
If you have worked in corporate you would have witnessed or being pulled into one of those all day meetings which takes a huge toll on everybody. I used to assume 'What a waste of time'. But ever since I have been working on a startup I now found out the value of a meeting. Ever since its inception the business format, model, strategy, vision, core values, goal, targets etc. have radically evolved in a span of a year and we had to pivot. But none of this would have happened had we taken extra concern on building a present and future compatible business strategy. Strategy comprises of every aspect of the business right from business operation to resource acquisition to getting funding and marketing & PR.

4. There is Always Another Way:
A start-up will come across many decision making related scenarios and one can even brainstorm to do a particular task in about hundred ways. But what's crucial is to actually come up with a decision which is manageable, workable and there is no going back to the board. More than coming up with the many ways of performing a task one should focus on the available resources and how cost effective is the decision. More than the right decision, the decision should be quick and fast rather than keeping it on hold for days or so.

5. Patience is the Key:
A startup has ended a number of tasks and works to do from product acquisition to business development, financing, marketing, resource management etc. The list is endless, but there are other forms of variables which are not in our control such as work outsourced or response from the client side or legal processes or even days when no work is happening etc. which would surely take its toll on every partner. While all of this is happening, one must not lose patience and never be restless, just accept it and move on to do something else.

6. Learn to do Multiple Task Completion:
Instead of multitasking one must try to complete each individual tasks one at a time. But do multiple amounts of tasks within a day, try doing small tasks and then gradually make the endeavour do even bigger tasks. Tasks can be anything from operational to strategic to even marketing related in the form of the meeting with clients etc. But each task must be completed within a stipulated deadline, don't come up with a vague or stringent deadline but a time gap within which one must try to accomplish the task. Doing a bunch of tasks in a day or two also builds up the confidence to continue and one feels like he/she has accomplished something today.

7. Learn to take Risk:
Business as a term comes with risk in its every aspect if you can't take the risk then business is not for you. But again when taking a risk in a business doesn't mean some vague and unambiguous risk, but risks which are preconceived and well calculated. Theoretically, there are many equations and formula to sum an ideal risk but in general, when the profit against the loss is almost 1.5:1 is the ideal risk. Also, any risk must be thoroughly investigated and researched around than going blindly on gut and faith.

8. It’s just Business:
When starting up a business you may come across fellow friends and acquaintance willing to either work as a vendor for you or investor or even as a client. The first rule of business is that it's just business. There is no point conducting business with friends and people whom you know when there aren't any results. Don't pursue to give the discount to your friends instead provide the best quality or first in priority, cause if you end up giving the discount to yourself there no value to yourself and to your business.

9. Passion metaphors work:
When you starting up a business, never get into a business which isn't your passion calling. If it's not something you don't believe in you won't have the urge to work on it. But if you are passionate about what you are doing then you would put all your effort and vigour to work on it. Otherwise, you may end up doing another mundane job which isn't going to give you any internal satisfaction.

10. Spot your Source of Income:
Any business takes a time to become a money generating mechanism. Thus, it's important that you find ways to keep the business running either through finding new sales channel or getting investors to invest more funds on business etc. The key to any business is the money making money along with an exceptionally well-structured strategy to work the same.

Exciting Time for Technology

This is an anxious and exhilarating phase for mankind as we are on the brink of a life-changing innovation and development. I and for people of my generation having witnessed such a vast form of technological advancement would need to brace up as there is more to come in our lifetime. I and people of my generation have witnessed a lot of technological advancements from Cassette Walkman to iPods, CRT based Television set to LCD, LEDs to today's Smart TVs, Desktop to Laptop to Tablets, Landlines to Mobile phones to Smartphones etc. Here are the ten most amazing innovation happening right now which could definitely change the way we perceived technology.

1. 3D Printing:
3D printing is a way of creating a three-dimensional object using all kinds of materials available from plastic, fibre, synthetic, food, tissue to metal and even 3d printed houses using cement and concrete. 3D printing has been in the market for quite long but was limited in application to only making miniature models, prototypes, sample products, model making etc. The earlier 3d printers were slow, hefty, cumbersome and costly in terms of production. It's only in recent years that portable, fast and cost effective 3d printing has come into the market thus its popularity. A simple model made on CAD/CAM can be used to develop intricate and complex into reality. It's the future as many who had only conceptual ideas can now easily manipulate and easily develop.

2. Quantum Computing:
Quantum Computing although is in its early stages of development only Google and Microsoft claim to have developed something similar to the concept of Quantum Computing, but its popularity is unprecedented with many countries world over working on Quantum Computing R&D. The very need of Quantum Computing comes through the limitations of silicon-based computing as the 'Moore's Law' is now seen to be coming to near its extremity. We have so drastically reduced the size of transistors that there has been a rise of a new school of thought which looks at a new form of computation using electrons and photons controlled under super cold condition using the electromagnetic field into manipulate and interpret the twist and turns of every electron. In theory, it is believed that quantum computing would be exponentially far superior to any supercomputer existing today.

'A quantum computer maintains a sequence of qubits. A single qubit can represent a one, a zero, or any quantum superposition of those two qubit states; a pair of qubits can be in any quantum superposition of 4 states, and three qubits in any superposition of 8 states.'

3. Graphene, Carbon Nano Tubes, Carbyne:
Historically we have read about the Stone Age; Bronze Age & Iron Age; Industrial Age; Silicon Age, this a start of the Age of Ultron I mean Carbon. Graphene is a transparent two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms, it's the strongest material known to mankind and could be used to make better batteries, medical scanners, spacecraft, planes, the bulletproof vest, computers, transistors, nanomaterials etc. Up till 2008, graphene production was costly by exfoliation, but in 2010 Andre Geim and Novoselov extracted the graphene from a piece of graphite such as is found in ordinary pencils. Using regular adhesive tape, they managed to obtain a flake of carbon with a thickness of just one atom. While carbon nanotubes and Carbyne are some unique constructs made by manipulating graphene, these have extraordinary mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical and chemical properties such as at the individual level, these unique structures exhibit: 200X the strength and 5X the elasticity of steel; 5X the electrical conductivity.

4. Drone:
Drone are remote controlled or programmed robots usually fitted with flying manoeuvrability and although it was used for fun activities, but now has a many new and exciting application such as aerial photography, mapping, surveillance, security, search & rescue, inspection, cargo system and, of course, missile based weapon system. In fact, it is believed that if current drone sizes are super sized then they could be used for heavy construction like bridges, skyscrapers etc. The applications are limitless while it got it loads of fun for the person remotely controlling the drones.

5. Nano Technology:
Moore's Law in computing seemed to have paved way for scientists in another field of science to look for ways to miniaturize existing machinery and mechanization and today we are on the verge of coming up close to the amazing world of nanotechnology. These are minuscule or nanomaterials or machines which could change the way we see the modern world from nanobots running through human bodies detecting and monitoring any abnormalities, to self-healing nanomaterials cast on machines, gadgets even buildings, to nanomaterials that repel liquid thus making waterproof or resistant, to nanomaterials that have a very high heat tension capacity or heat resistant.

6. Artificial Intelligence:
The field of study of Artificial Intelligence has also evolved in recent times, earlier many programs and algorithms were created for AI to conduct mundane and regular tasks which didn’t really define AI. But recently scientists have come up with a learning algorithm which allows a machine to learn, analyse, evolve and correlate the significance of an event in order to come up to a conclusion. Earlier AI relied on programming on every aspect of robotics from movement to conversation to doing tasks, but modern AI programming is intentionally kept open ended and allows a machine to deduce a conclusion.

7. Life Longevity:
Every civilization that has ever existed on this planet before or after has tried to increase the human life expectancy, while currently with the advancement in medical science man has considerably increased the human lifespan from 70 years to 90 years. Scientist in recent years using DNA, food diet, mutation study, rare anti ageing disorder, nanobots, biomechanics etc. claim to have come up with ways to increase the human life expectancy exponentially. Calico, for example, a research and development company set up in 2013 in a joint venture of Google and Apple hopes to increase the human life expectancy to 500 years or so. But to its contrary is another field of thoughts that believes in the theory of singularity i.e. humans will be able to upload their entire minds to computers and become digitally immortal – thus, an event called a singularity. Whether we last as humans or machines the future is expected to have men and women having higher life expectancy.

8. Mega-scale Desalination:
The world's biggest and largest water bodies are oceans and many countries are a bunch of islands surrounded by oceans while ocean water being salt water is of new use, but desalination is a process used by many countries especially in the middle east to suffice their water related needs. These desalination plants are too expensive and yet incapable of providing the water-related needs of the general public. Israel alone as a country has led a huge project which would motivate other countries in setting up mega scale desalination plants which could really help in the water scarcity.

9. Supercharged Photosynthesis:
Along with water scarcity also comes the inadequacy of food with the rising world population coming to 12 billion. With limited land and water resource, scientists have been working on ways to develop means to exponentially increase the food production for the rising food consumption needs. Some of the measures used to increase food production like bringing back agrarian land into an agrarian land, rain water harvesting, sea water desalination for agriculture, cloning of animals and plants, a growth spurt in animals like chickens, promoting agriculture in an urban structure like roof farming etc. At a technological level geneticists have been working on supercharged photosynthesis a process also called C4 photosynthesis, boosts plants’ growth by capturing carbon dioxide and concentrating it in specialized cells in the leaves. Researchers believe that engineering C4 photosynthesis into rice and wheat could increase yields per hectare by roughly 50 percent while also reducing the amount of water and fertilizer usage. This isn't a form of GMO development but a new form of science which shape a better future for mankind.

10. Virtual Reality:
Finally, Virtual Reality or immersive multimedia creates a conjunction for virtual and physical elements which would make it more realistic and lets the user interact in this world. It artificially creates sensory experiences such as sight, hearing, touch, and smell. This could be a means to a new era in the field of entertainment, cinema and gaming but in the near future, it could have multiple forms of applications such as virtual simulation which could seemingly adapt to this new technology. Currently, there is Microsoft's Hololens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google's Cardboard which are working on the similar related technology. While it's very early to predict its popularity in the near future, there is no denying that it's one of the most exciting technologies.

10 All Time Favourite Stands up Comedians

Let’s face it our life would be so boring without some comedy and humour to laugh on. And when it comes to stand-up comedy there are just so many but only a few who make a mark in one’s life. Here is a list of my favourite Stand-up Comedians.

1. George Carlin:
'The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.'

The list, of course, starts with a legend and genius George Carlin; he was amazing in his black comedy and for his edgy yet peculiar thoughts on politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects. He is also regarded to be one of the most important and influential Stand-up Comedians, spanning a career of almost 4 decades starting from the 1960s. Much of his comedy would be so thought to provoke and the very “Occupy Wall Street Movement was in fact inspired by George Carlin thoughts on 1% People controlling the world.

2. Robin Williams:
'Politics: “Poli' a Latin word meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.'

Robin Williams with movies like Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Jumanji, Flubber, Patch Adams etc. under his sleeve wasn’t just an amazing actor but a brilliant stand-up comedian. His acts would be very much improvised, eccentric and so high on energy that sometimes it could get exhaustive to keep up. Robin Williams is a total comic genius. His jokes range from pop-culture, drugs, politics, sex, crazy foreigners and everything under the sun. One never gets bored waiting for the next joke; it’s like one big joke with boundless and endless humour.

3. Louis CK:
'When you write from your gut and let the stuff stay flawed and don't let anybody tell you to make it better, it can end up looking like nothing else.'

Yet another comedian inspired by George Carlin, Louis CK has a way of getting into audiences mind. His comedy style is so observant and relatable that one can get it as soon as he starts speaking. Simple yet untouched types of topics is what he is good at and his jokes seems to relate to people of all walks of life from a drug junky to a single mother. In his own words “The greatest jokes, never register as jokes. Not quite'

4. Dave Chappelle:
'Chivalry is dead…And Women killed it'

Here’s another stand-up comedian who does good “black comedy' but not black comedy, his jokes would talk about racism and racial division and his approach with an outrageous ridicule that would be so edgy that it may often shock the audiences. He has continually refused to tone down his style or dilute his outspoken African-American point of view in order to make his comedy 'more acceptable.' Thus gaining fame and success on his own terms, and has become especially popular with young audiences who appreciate Chappelle's sly social commentary and aggressively satiric style.

5. Dane Cook:
'I don't say, 'Bless you.' I say, 'God bless you,' because I'm not the Lord.'

Dane Cook’s comedy style is mostly a long-form storytelling with elaborate details of a personal experience and in its all description he can make people enjoy every bit of it. He is one person who never shies from using double meaning or multipurpose phases. Most would find his acts to be almost near vulgar but even then he has found a way to make his act somehow connect with the masses.

6. Russell Peters:
'Indians are the second largest population in the world, but we're invisible on TV - everything is either black or white.'

He became a YouTube sensation overnight when YouTube had just come fresh; his comedy style is a bit of observational comedy, using humour to highlight racial, ethnic, class and cultural stereotypes. He often refers to his own experiences growing up in an Indian family and impersonates the accents of various ethnic groups to poke fun at them. Of all the comedians, he seems to have found a way to develop a more interactive way of comedy where he would ask questions to the audience, make a joke about something and yet make them feel at ease.

7. Bill Hicks:
'I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.'

He makes jokes and satirizes the stupidity of our way of life that we think is so important. He talks about issues most comedians wouldn't dare touch because they are fake and don't really have much to say. Topics discussed include the government, smoking cigarettes, religion & hypocrisy, consumerism & advertisement, selling out in music as well as just talking about stupid people in general. He also is one of the only comedians today that bring up the issue of mind altering drugs as helping society instead of harming it as so many people claim. His sketch on Marijuana vs. Alcohol is one of the best of all time sketches in my opinion and brings to life undeniable truths about pot.

8. Pablo Francisco:
'Doesn't it suck - nice body, ugly face? Doesn't that suck? It's like 'I love spaghetti! But it's got shit on it!'

Pablo Francisco has a great rhythm, he is fast, is very talented, creative and damn funny. His style of comedy involves a lot of voice impression and modulation and he does it so effortlessly that it’s almost surreal to see him perform. He is another one of Comedy Central's comic genius' who is so underrated. He does great impressions of the Preview Guy “Don LaFontaine', movie actors like Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jacky Chan and much more.

9. Lewis Black:
'Each of us is full of shit in our own special way. We are all shitty little snowflakes dancing in the universe.'

He is known as the king of the rant; Lewis Black uses his trademark style of comedic yelling and animated finger-pointing talking about social hypocrisy, politics, pop culture, technology and what not. For a man who has structured his on-stage persona as being the last angry man, the modern world is a treasure trove of material for a comedian like Lewis Black with the world falling apart, political stupidity at an all-time high and wilful ignorance an apparent virtue, a learned and vocal opponent has a lot to shake.

10.Mitch Hedberg:
'An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.'

From behind sunglasses and bowed head, Mitch Hedberg delivered concise gags that opened up the mundane world and showed anyone could be a comedian. The Cult of Hedberg, which continues to (rightfully) worship him for his effortless cool and funhouse mind. Few comics, save for Carlin and his acolytes, dissect and elucidate the absurdity of language as brilliantly as Hedberg. Mitch transcended typical comedy conventions in a way most audiences wouldn’t have been aware of. He talked about the inconsequential: jokes about dogs, beds and sandwiches allowed an audience to escape back to a more innocent time before they worried about things like relationships, politics and all the other well-trodden “adult' topics ubiquitous on the comedy circuit during Hedberg’s premiership.

Welcome to Wirtal

When anyone writes his first blog post, it's crazy because 'the first' to me is so essential and crucial, it's like the first kiss you ever had, first day that went bad, first car you ever bought, first ball you ever caught, first job you could ever get, first special someone in the lot, first tweet you ever made, first break up you let it fade, first song you ever heard, first time you ever watched a chirping bird, first time you stepped on stage, first time ever went rage, and so on. Basically in life we all get so many opportunities to have our firsts and each is worth treasuring.

Hence, after many attempts I have finally come up to this final piece of the introductory post for my blog which took me about 20 different drafts in about 2 months or so, thus do bear with me. Let's take it simple, so for starters this is a blog like any other blog but not exactly like any other blog, if you can get this then I am sure you can stay along with my writing style. At the beginning I had many ideas for the first blog, like a song, a rap, info-graphics, a slideshow, a YouTube video etc. and finally I thought of writing in three basic questions so that people can get a better understanding of the blog. So here we go and if in case you guys have any query or doubts, then you may comment below the post.

What is Wirtal?
Wirtal stands for What I Really Think about Life. Wirtal is a blog started with the only goal concept of making the whole writing and reading process more appealing while sending across the most genuine, real, true, unbiased, raw, crazy, creative, imaginative (sorry, I am big on using too many adjectives) ideas and thoughts across. Clearly I am not a professional writer/blogger nor do I have any prior experience in blogging, but I hope to do it right. And if you wish to help along in achieving the endeavor or you wish to showcase your writing skills, you may send me your writes up on

Who am I?
I am just a regular guy with big dreams, other than that I am Devansh Negi (what is in a name?), currently located at Pune, India (lived almost 10 years or more, can't believe it's that long). I am 27 years old digital marketer (seems like touching 30, but never felt so alive) and I have worked for almost 3 to 4 years since I finished my MBA (best time ever, you know recession, switching jobs, getting dumped etc). Currently, I am freelancing in the digital marketing (often do it for charity as many ex-clients haven't yet paid me my dues) while in the initial stages of starting up some companies along with my colleagues and friends while I dream to get a stable job in some college as a lecturer or a guest lecturer. I am an avid gamer (big time DotA 2 fan), a passionate movie watcher (mostly action and comedy), obsessive music listener (I am the guy who can play one song on loop for hours, so watch out guys), somewhat tech geek (I am a geek, not an encyclopedia), a rebellious military brat (that's kind of self-explanatory), a freeloader (only sitcom torrents, I am cheap, but I still have principles), a voracious net surfer (anything or everything on net), with an insatiable appetite for creativity.

What to expect in the near future?
Somewhat fun topics like gadgets, tech, music, gaming, movies, web stuffs, cool/weird/awesome stuffs etc. but I may also drool on world issues, politics, NGO stuff and all (you know usual rant stuff), but mostly the theme would be fun and entertaining (does not mean entertainment it's kind of a turn off writing about celeb gossips). I was trying to get other writers on board but since most of them work for news related companies (apparently they have a clause that doesn't allow them to write for others) thus I ended up having no one (stupid news station getting scared of blogging). So, I am looking for people who are interested in writing on fashion (I am the worst guy to write on fashion), health/fitness (of course someone who practices what he preaches), travel (if you are planning a long tour, that would be awesome) etc. Overall that's the gist of how the blog wishes to go ahead. Hope you enjoy and stay along for many more future endeavors.